Spotlight® on SQL Server Enterprise

NewVersion 11.6

Includes powerful new features that enhance your ability to monitor your SQL Server Environment.

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New Features

Monitor as many connections as you like using a federated environment.

Monitor as many connections as you like using a federated environment.

The latest version of Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise enables you to monitor large environments by federating Diagnostic Servers. So, it doesn't matter whether you have one SQL Server to monitor or one thousand, Spotlight has you covered.

Preview configuration changes before applying.

Preview the changes in your configuration templates.

You can now view a list of changes to the configuration of connections prior to applying them, so you can double-check the changes before they're applied.

The SQL Server home page is now online as part of our new and improved web application.

Your SQL Server performance and diagnostics are now available anytime, anywhere via our new and improved web app.

View status information for the Spotlight Diagnostic Server.

You can now view the status of your Spotlight Diagnostic Servers via a designated Diagnostic Server Overview page.

Track configuration changes via the new audit log.

Spotlight maintains an audit log of user actions and this log is a historical record of who changed what configuration and when.

This new feature makes it easy to track changes to Spotlight configuration over time.


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Ensure around the clock SQL Server performance and availability

Spotlight Enterprise delivers simplicity without compromise by providing unmatched monitoring, diagnostics, and optimization of your SQL Server environments.

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Monitor your SQL Server environment anytime, anywhere from your favorite mobile device.

Spotlight Enterprise users can view a Heatmap of SQL Server performance and manage alarms across all instances as well as drill into a detailed view of a specific SQL Server from a mobile device.

Spotlight Extensions
Tuning Pack

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Automated query tuning from inside SQL Server Management Studio

Navigate complex query plans, view plan analysis and even tune your SQL from with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

Install Spotlight Extensions now to access Spotlight Cloud Tuning Pack inside SQL Server Management Studio.