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Over the next few minutes, you’ll begin to use Spotlight Cloud in your organization to monitor SQL Servers and Host Operating systems.

4 Simple Steps to Getting Started

  1. Sign up for your Spotlight Cloud account above or click here. You will then immediately be taken to your dashboard to start your monitoring.
  2. You can install the DS on your local PC, on a VM in the cloud, or remotely install it on another PC. It collects data from monitored connections and uploads that performance data to the cloud to unleash the power of our application.
  3. Add connections for Spotlight Cloud to monitor, including SQL Server, Windows, and other connection types.
    Questions about security? Check out our Security FAQ
  4. Use the Spotlight Cloud web application to monitor your connections!

Our users typically report spending less than 10 minutes to get up and running!

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This two minute video will help guide you through the setup process.


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