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    An Overview of Quest's Newest Database Monitoring Service - Spotlight Cloud

    By: Peter O'Connell

    You may be getting fed up with your current database monitoring and diagnostic options and, as your company’s database administrator, you’re ready for a change. 

    What about a service that allows you to monitor your databases anytime, anywhere, on your browser or via your favourite mobile devices? And, one that provides you with detailed insight into your servers’ performance?

    Look no further than Spotlight Cloud.

    Spotlight Cloud is Quest’s newest database performance monitoring service.  The Quest team harnesses over twenty years of database management, diagnostics and performance tuning to bring you all the power and benefits of traditional database monitoring and diagnostics tools as a hosted service.  This makes it incredibly easy to get up and going. The distraction and expense of setting up and maintaining on-premise performance repositories disappears to allow you to focus on solving problems and tuning your databases for increased reliability and faster performance.

    1. The Best Alarm Management in the Business

    The modern DBA manages more databases than ever before.  It is easy to be overwhelmed by too many alarms when you begin monitoring.

    Spotlight Cloud combines the familiar heatmap visualization with smart alarms to help you zero in on the hottest issues fast.

    Customizable thresholds, easy to configure Alarm Rules and alarm blackouts during planned outages eliminate alarm clutter.

    • 2. A Diagnostic Drill Down for Every Occasion

    Raising alarms is easy. There are lots of tools out there that do just that – collect enormous amounts of data and just hurl it at you in tables and graphs. It takes time to decipher this data and time is precious. Spotlight Cloud has specific diagnostic views and workflows to cover areas like storage, sessions, jobs, tempdb, availability groups, clustering, I/O by file and much more. Smart alarms and performance advisories help you to focus in on the data points that matter.

    • 3. Root Cause Analysis

    Ever find that you are constantly treating the symptom but can never get to the root cause? Spotlight Cloud’s powerful workload analyzer helps you dissect your workload over multiple dimensions, e.g. isolate which SQL on which host by which user is consuming most of your precious resources. It is easy to cut and dice your workload in just a few clicks.

    • 4. Browser and Mobile Access

    Spotlight Cloud is primarily driven from a browser. Our users wanted to be able to solve problems from their mobile devices. We quickly realized that working off a browser on a mobile device is far from ideal. As a result, we built dedicated iOS and Android apps for mobile and tablet that are custom built for the screen real estate available and to maximize the operating system upon which they are installed.

    • 5. Health Check

    Spotlight Cloud’s Health Checks are designed to proactively look for problems in the making. These are issue that would not typically raise a performance alarm just now but are likely to cause problems if left unattended. It asks questions such as, “Have your backups configured?” “Is there unhealthy memory pressure?” “Is there disproportionate amounts of ad-hoc query workload?” “Are you missing indexes?”

    6. Health Checks execute across areas such as security, disaster recovery, index optimization memory, I/O and configuration. Waitopedia & Collective ID

    Waitopedia is a comprehensive resource of information about SQL server waits, and collective IQ shares some interesting metrics across the Spotlight Cloud install base.

    • 7. Plan and SQL Tuning

    Spotlight Tuning pack works closely with Spotlight cloud to help you navigate complex query plans, get automated advice on how to improve query plans and leverage an artificial intelligence engine to optimize the SQL itself.

    • 8. Comprehensive Onboarding

    Spotlight Cloud comes with detailed instructions on how to set-up, configure and use all aspects of Spotlight Cloud in the browser and across mobile devices. There is a series of onboarding videos detailing every step of the setup process and how to use the key features of Spotlight Cloud, a FAQ sheet, and data handling and security info.

    • 9. Support and Feedback

    You can contact our Spotlight team directly with comments, questions, or any issues that you’re experiencing.

    The bottom line is that Spotlight Cloud allows you to resolve issues proactively before they seriously impact your business. You’ll quickly identify performance degradation and isolate the cause of a performance issue because you can access your servers anytime, anywhere.

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    May 22, 2018 7:10:00 AM PDT
    Peter O'Connell

    Written by Peter O'Connell

    Senior Product Manager