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    Find, Prioritize, and Resolve SQL Server Issues In Minutes

    By: Spotlight Cloud

    Like most DBAs, you are likely running in many directions trying to manage database or capacity issues while keeping end users and customers happy by ensuring access to the systems and data that they need.  

    Fixing SQL Server issues is what you do. Figuring out how to resolve them faster gives you an added edge on uptime and database stability. Being proactive with your SQL server diagnostics to fix them before they impact your business, makes you a DBA superstar. But often times, it’s hard to pinpoint where the problems lie and exactly what is causing them. And let’s face it, you’re not tied to your desk 24x7, but problems with the database don’t punch a time clock so you’ve got to be ready to respond at all hours.

    Let’s look at some simple steps to quickly finding and fixing database performance issues.

    Review Issues at a Glance

    What if you had cool visual representation of the health of your database and, at a glance, be able to drill down to the pinpoint the precise cause of the problem?

    What would it be like to associate a specific color with the severity of the issue, making it obvious which issues require the most urgent attention?

    You’d be able to have full visibility of your SQL server diagnostics, prioritize the actions, drill down to find the cause, and trace the problem to its source. Sound good?

    But wait… there’s more!

    Sound the Alarms and Prioritize

    It’s nearly impossible to fix issues that you aren’t aware of. And often by the time someone has reported a problem, the damage has already been done.

    What if you got an instant alarm when a collected value falls outside its "normal" range? And, what if these alarms could be completely configured by you? Imagine if you could edit the settings that determine when an alarm is raised and what action is taken, disable alarms, apply different severities to individual keys in an alarm, and ignore certain values.

    Oh, and what if these alarms had a “smart” suggestive element that could help you determine the best course of action?

    Now, that’s what you might call complete control and visibility! Proactive database monitoring at its finest.

    Go Where You Wanna Go… Do What You Wanna Do…

    As a DBA, you’re constantly concerned about the health and performance of your databases. Face it – life happens, and problems are bound to creep up when you least expect them. It’s hard to be everywhere at once, and the schedule of a DBA is very hectic. Plus, you just can’t work 24X7. You really need a life!

    That’s why it’s important to have the ability to find, prioritize and resolve SQL Server issues in minutes… anywhere, anytime, on any device.

    Less time to get going, less cost to run, and more powerful than you could imagine!

    Oh, and what if you could have all this and more on a subscription basis? What if you didn’t even have to worry about where to store or maintain your performance data and if you could keep it for longer?

    No additional hardware, no software, no maintenance costs – all possible with Spotlight Cloud. It’s as easy as Sign up. Sign In. Resolve.

    Get started with Spotlight Cloud for unmatched, cloud-hosted database monitoring and SQL server diagnostics.

    It’s like giving yourself permission to be a DBA superstar and still have a life!

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    June 5, 2018 7:15:00 AM PDT
    Spotlight Cloud

    Written by Spotlight Cloud

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