Detect and diagnose SQL Server performance issues

When you can diagnose SQL Server performance issues quickly and accurately, ensuring a healthy database infrastructure is not just possible, but easy.

Console Features

Spotlight Heatmap


A simple ‘at-a-glance’ method for monitoring your connections.

The quickest way to communicate important information regarding a server is to associate a color with the severity of the issue. The heatmap takes this one step further by distributing the servers (connections) on the heatmap in such a way that makes it obvious which servers require the most urgent attention. More surface area on the heatmap is given to servers with more alarms of the highest severity raised against them.

Clicking a heatmap item displays a list of alarms for the connection, so you can quickly understand the issues that require resolution.

From this view you can drill down on a particular control to see detailed diagnostics and trace the problem to its source.


The Spotlight Home Page provides a unique view of the activity of the system. The Spotlight Home Page highlights obvious bottlenecks and problem areas. Related server statistics are grouped together on panels that are connected by a series of graphical flows and icons. Spotlight updates these flows in real time so you can see how quickly data is moving through the system.

The display is based on the SQL Server architecture diagram. For more information about this, see A review of the SQL Server architecture


When a collected value falls outside its "normal" range of values an alarm is raised. This range is defined by setting thresholds and severities for the alarm. A new alarm is raised whenever the severity for the alarm changes. When the severity returns to normal, the alarm is canceled. Alarms critical to your operation can be configured to remain on view until they are acknowledged.

All alarms, including Diagnostic Server and operational alarms, can be configured. You can edit the settings that determine when an alarm is raised and what action is taken. You can disable alarms, apply different severities to individual keys in an alarm, and ignore certain values.

Email Notifications

Using Alarm Actions you can manage critical alerts for your SQL Server environment and be notified by email. When configuring an Alarm Action you can specify the conditions under which an Alarm is fired based on several factors. Then when the alarm occurs you can add an action that sends an email notification.


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Spotlight Enterprise users can view a Heatmap of SQL Server performance and manage alarms across all instances as well as drill into a detailed view of a specific SQL Server from a mobile device.

Spotlight Extensions
Tuning Pack

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Automated query tuning from inside SQL Server Management Studio

Navigate complex query plans, view plan analysis and even tune your SQL from with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

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