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Focus on Performance & Growth

Step 1-Be Proactive Be Proactive

Now you've got everything under control you can start being proactive about the health of your environment.

We'll show you how you can identify areas in your environment that need improvement, or that are likely to flare up and cause problems in future.

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sign-up-thumbStorage and Fragmentation
Get better visibility into storage and fragmentation in your environment.


Step-2-1 Anytime Anywhere

Stay in control when you're way from your desk by using the native Spotlight Mobile App ( iOS, or Android). 

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Step-3-1 Performance Tuning & Features

Is your SQL running slower than you'd like it to? Tune it within SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) using our Spotlight Tuning Pack.

Identify issues in your SQL Statements and optimize  them to improve execution time.

Watch these short videos to get started

install-thumbInstalling Spotlight Extensions
Learn how to install Spotlight Extensions for SQL Server Management Studio

Plan-viewerSpotlight Plan Viewer
The plan viewer makes the navigation and interpretation of complex query plans easy.

Plan-advisor-thumbPlan Advisor
See how it examines execution plans and provides advice on optimizing these plans.

sql-optimizer-thumbSQL Optimization
We'll show you how our AI engine rewrites your SQL to reduce execution time.