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Setup & Configure

Step-1 Get The Most From Your Trial

Right out of the box you'll gain control of the performance of your environment and then begin to proactively investigate and diagnose areas where performance can be improved.

During your trial you'll see why Spotlight Cloud is a tool you can't live without.

Monitoring Basicsblue-arrow-icon

Watch this short video to get started

cloud-birdseye-view-thumbSpotlight Cloud Components
An overview of the key Spotlight Cloud components and what they do.

Step-2 Download & Install

Spotlight Cloud Diagnostic Server App

Sign in to the Spotlight Cloud web app with your account details and click Download.

The Spotlight Cloud Diagnostic Server App is responsible for the agent less collection of performance data and uploading it from your on-premise servers to for analysis.

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sign-up-thumbSign up
Watch this quick video on how to sign up for Spotlight Cloud.

Download & InstallDownload & Install
Watch this 2 minute video to to walk through installation.


Step-3 Connect & Configure

Use the Spotlight Cloud Diagnostic Server App installed in Step 1 to add connections so you can start monitoring.

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create-connection-thumbConnecting your SQL Server
We'll show you how to add a SQL Server Connection in 3 minutes.

config-overview-thumbConfiguration Overview
We'll give you a quick guide to the key configuration options for Spotlight Cloud.