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Analyze Data Faster

Cloud intelligence locates the pain points in your SQL Server environment.

With months of performance data at your disposal, monitoring your on-premise SQL Servers can now be done faster and more efficiently than ever before—thanks to the power of our cloud application.


Resolve Issues Quicker

Familiar with the 3 a.m. panic-stricken phone call about the database being down?

With over 150 alarm types, you always know if there is a problem with your SQL Server. We've taken 20 years of experience in providing SQL Server monitoring and performance diagnostics and made it easier for you to analyze issues and understand a path to resolving them.


Half the problem is sometimes I don’t even know what I should be looking for. So, the diagnostic server actually solved that for me because I had all these pre-configured alerts that would monitor things and show them on my dashboard...

- Daniel B.

Lead Software Engineer, Corelogix