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    It’s 3 a.m. and your phone is ringing – complaints are coming in about the database being down... Not again!

    This scenario is one most DBAs dread, but with Spotlight Cloud phone-calls like this will become a distant memory. 

    We've taken 20 years of experience in providing SQL Server monitoring and performance diagnostics and made it easier for you than ever before. It's as easy as Sign Up. Sign In. Resolve. 

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    NEW trends and challenges for DBAs


    With great data growth comes great responsibility.

    68% of DBAs manage between 11-500 database instances and are managing more data than ever before.



    Ensuring peak performance is a top priority.

    72% of DBAs say managing database performance is their most important responsibility.


    DBAs have their heads in the cloud.

    34% of DBAs cite increased flexibility as a motivator for moving to the cloud. The majority of DBAs surveyed are already supporting cloud databases and cloud-hosted solutions or plan to soon.

    With growing volumes of data, increasing number of instances, and higher user demands, database performance becomes even more critical. Your business simply can’t afford downtime.

    Here's how we're different than the rest.


    Powerful, Cost Effective, & Easy!

    What if you could have a powerful, hosted solution capable of monitoring your on-premises and cloud workloads with no additional hardware, no software, no maintenance costs and be able to access it from anywhere, anytime on any device?



    React to Issues in Seconds

    When your servers fail or slow down, every second counts. Most monitoring systems only tell you when something has failed. What if your alarms were smarter than that and started the diagnostics process for you by presenting key contextual data and offering advice and interpretation? 


    Go beyond the Symptom to Find the Cure

    There's no easier way to lose credibility than to declare an issue resolved, only to see it re-occur again. What if you had multiple out-of-the-box diagnostic workflows to allow you to interpret your environment from multiple perspectives ensuring that you solve the root cause of the condition? 

    Try Spotlight Cloud Pro FREE for 30-days

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    No matter where you are, you can stay on top of your SQL Server infrastructure with our mobile app. Dedicated iOS and Android apps provide unmatched user experience so you can accelerate problem resolution on the go. 

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