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Spotlight Cloud Guided Tour

Watch videos that will help you get the most out of Spotlight Cloud!


Setup and Configure

Get Spotlight Cloud up and running Learn More

Take Control - Put out the fires

Fix the most urgent problems in your environment Learn More

Focus on Performance & Growth

Now things are under control, be more proactive Learn More


Setup and Configure


Get The Most From Your Trial

Right out of the box you'll gain control of the performance of your environment and then begin to proactively investigate and diagnose areas where performance can be improved. During your trial you'll see why Spotlight Cloud is a tool you can't live without.

Monitoring Basics

Spotlight Cloud Components

An overview of the key Spotlight Cloud components and what they do.


Download & Install

Sign in to the Spotlight Cloud web app with your account details and click Download. The Spotlight Cloud Diagnostic Server App is responsible for the agentless collection of performance data and uploading it from your on-premise servers to for analysis.

View installation guide View System Requirements

Sign Up

Watch this quick video on how to sign up for Spotlight Cloud.

Download & Install

Watch this 2 minute video to to walk through installation.


Connect & Configure

Use the Spotlight Cloud Diagnostic Server App installed in Step 1 to add connections so you can start monitoring.

View configuration guide

Connecting your SQL Server

We'll show you how to add a SQL Server Connection in 3 minutes.

Configuration Overview

We'll give you a quick guide to the key configuration options for Spotlight Cloud.


Take Control - Put out the fires



Quickly locate pain points in your SQL Server environment and get on top of critical issues by applying the following techniques. Start by getting a detailed perspective on issues and their urgency.

Learn how to customize alarms to prevent alarm fatigue

Get Smart - with Smart Alarms

This first step to gaining control is to begin to manage issues across your SQL Server databases.

Configure Alarms

Learn about a really powerful way to customize your alarms to suit your environment.

Alarm Actions

Learn about a really powerful way to customize your response to specific alarms.


Start Solving Problems

Now you've found the problem how do you fix it? We'll take you step by step through some of the most common problems that occur and help you resolve them.

Host Monitoring and Diagnostics

Your SQL Server is highly dependent on the host on which it is installed. Check out Windows or Linux Diagnostics.

CPU Diagnostics

Look into the very heartbeat of your SQL Server with CPU diagnostics.


Advanced Diagnostics

OK, you've solved a lot of the issues, but there are still some tricky problems to tease out. We'll show you how to diagnose difficult issues by analyzing blocking and the workload of your SQL Server.


Solve your blocking problems quickly and easily.

Workload Analyzer

An extremely powerful tool that allows you to cut and dice your workload on multiple dimensions.


Focus on Performance & Growth


Be Proactive

Now you've got everything under control you can start being proactive about the health of your environment. We'll show you how you can identify areas in your environment that need improvement, or that are likely to flare up and cause problems in future.

Learn more about health checks

Storage and Fragmentation

Get better visibility into storage and fragmentation in your environment.


Anytime Anywhere

Stay in control when you're away from your desk by using the native Spotlight Mobile App ( iOS, or Android).

Setup your Mobile app Alarm Management Mobile Diagnostics