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Plan Analysis

The performance of any query in SQL Server is fundamentally influenced by the Query Plan that SQL Server generates to execute the query. The effectiveness of this plan determines the final execution time, and this is influenced by a whole range of underlying considerations. For example, are table statistics up to date? Do you have the correct indexes? Would a query hint help?

Manually checking all the potential possibilities for every query is extremely time consuming and requires advanced tuning skills. Plan Analyzer can do this automatically, with explanations and recommendations of ways to resolve your database performance issues.

Analysis Made Easy

Simply execute a SQL Statement in SSMS and Spotlight Tuning Pack will automatically analyze it and tell you if there any issues that have been identified. 
Click "View Analysis" and see advice on how to optimize the query plan to improve it's execution time. If an index is missing we'll provide the script so you can add it easily.

Watch this short video to see a demo of Spotlight Tuning Pack Plan Analysis.