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Full-stack Monitoring

In order to ensure that performance issues do not occur on your SQL Server you also need to ensure the Host Operating System the SQL Server is running on is also performing well. Otherwise if an Operating System doesn't have enough resources, or something is consuming too much of those resources then the SQL Server performance will suffer.

Spotlight Cloud not only monitors your SQL Server, but also your Host Operating Systems to ensure you are alerted to issues and are able to diagnose the cause.

Operating System Monitoring

It is important to make sure the SQL instance has the necessary resources provided by the OS and Hypervisor. The OS dashboards provide detailed metrics on processes, services, CPU, memory, disk and network usage. Often performance issues with SQL Server could be at the OS level, for example paging due to lack of free memory, slow disks or lack of disk space. The OS dashboards provide an easy to understand insight into the OS with a historical view.

Watch this video to learn more about Operating System monitoring .

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VMWare Host Operating System Overview

HyperV and VMware Monitoring

The HyperV & VMware Overview dashboards give you a status of all virtual machines hosting SQL Server instances.

State will inform you if the virtual machine is powered on or off. CPU Usage % shows you the proportion of CPU on the physical host that is currently used by each virtual machine Allocated Memory shows the amount of memory allocated to each virtual machine. Heartbeat shows the current state of communication between the virtual server and the hypervisor.

Host is the name of the physical machine hosting the virtual server.