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Monitor Via Mobile

Database issues can happen anytime of the day – and a lot of the times, they happen while you’re not at your desk. What if you could get started on trouble shooting while you’re away from the office?

Spotlight Cloud Mobile is a native mobile application for iOS and Android devices. Our app allows you to receive smart alarms and dive into first level diagnostics straight from your mobile device. This means you don’t have to be chained to your workstation to provide high availability and high-performance databases.

To resolve the root cause from your mobile simply jump to the web app to diagnose and drill-down.

Want to try mobile monitoring for yourself? Start your free 30-day trial, today.

Mobile Features

  1. SQL Server Monitoring
  2. Windows Monitoring
  3. VMware and HyperV monitoring
  4. Unix/Linux Monitoring
  5. Heatmap that prioritizes your servers so you can see which needs your attention first. 
  6. Alarms that indicate the severity of an issue and provide details and advice on how to resolve it.
  7. Overview of each servers performance
  8. The ability to Snooze, or Acknowledge alarms

Getting started

To begin monitoring on your mobile device complete these 3 steps

  1. Sign up and register for Spotlight Cloud.
  2. Download, install and configure the Spotlight Cloud Diagnostic Server to upload data
  3. Using your Android, or iOS mobile device download the Spotlight Cloud Mobile app.
  4. Launch the app, Sign in, enter your Quest account credentials. Then start browsing your own server status in real time on your mobile!

For more details see our in depth documentation on getting started.