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Respond Instantly

When something goes wrong with SQL Server, you need to be able to respond instantly to prevent performance issues from occurring. Spotlight Cloud has a sophisticated alarm system that not only ensures you are alerted immediately, but also makes sure you see the most important issues first. Using  Alarm Management, Smart Alarms,  and  Alarm Actions  you have the most powerful SQL Server alarm system available at your fingertips.

Alarm Management

Often when monitoring SQL Server, you can be bombarded with alerts which can be extremely overwhelming.

To reduce noise and help you prioritize issues right out of the box, the alarms in our solution are configured to use pre-defined thresholds. This allows you to pinpoint high priority issues without all the noise.

You have the option to change these default thresholds, if required, to give a particular alarm type a higher or lower priority. For example, if you have a test database running that you don’t want to back up, you can configure the backup alarm for that specific database not to fire. You can even create templates for particular categories of instances.

Watch this video to learn more about alarm configuration options in Spotlight Cloud.

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Smart Alarms

It's one thing to be told there is a problem, but it’s quite another to be told how, when, and where to fix it. With Spotlight Cloud, the alarms are smarter. We include the alarm details and suggestions and background information about the alarm and its possible causes. Smart alarms help you start your diagnosis the second you get notified of the alarm.

For many alarm types you will also see a chart showing recent historical information so you can see what was happening before and after the alarm occurred.

Lastly, we enable you to get to the root cause of the alarm by clicking the "Diagnose" button. This drill down into the specifics of what is causing the issue.

Watch this video to see smart alarms in action.

Prevent Alarm Noise

Each alarm is fired by Spotlight Cloud based on a pre-configured threshold. These thresholds are based on 20 years of SQL Server monitoring experience saving you the hassle of setting them up yourself. However, everyone’s SQL Server environment is different and so you may want to adjust these thresholds to suit the needs of your business.

You can also create alarm actions to customize the what happens when alarm is fired. e.g. you can suppress a particular alarm for a known issue, choose who to notify for particular alarms of instances.

This can be done by simply adjusting the Spotlight Cloud alarm thresholds via a user interface. Simply drag a threshold for a particular alarm up or down and this will determine the severity of the alarm. Depending on the type of alarm there are specific parameters that can be changed to make the alarm fire more, or less often.