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SQL Server performance monitoring and diagnostics. Powered by the cloud.

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Improve SQL Server Performance 

We use cloud compute to store data longer, analyze it faster, and resolve issues quicker. This means you get faster and more reliable databases on premise and in the cloud.

Spotlight Cloud allows you to locate the pain points in your SQL Server environment and fix them.


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Get answers to your Security Questions.

Protecting your data is out highest priority. Review the answers to frequently asked security questions.

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Calculate your savings.

Our Total Cost of Ownership Calculator enables you to calculate the difference in cost between cloud hosted and traditional on premise monitoring.

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Read our DBA Checklist.

This checklist for new DBAs provides an at-a-glance resource for taming the chaos and creating a strategy to excel in your new role.

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What Our Customers Say

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Spotlight Cloud gives us detailed visibility across all of our database servers without the cost and maintenance overhead of hosting our own monitoring infrastructure.

Jim G

Veson Nautical, Site Reliability Engineer

We looked at a lot of competitive monitoring products, Spotlight Cloud was simply the best.

Julius H

Senior Database Administrator at The Jacksonville Laboratory

We chose Spotlight Cloud because we found on-premise monitoring tools costly and needy and liked the fact it’s hosted, so our overhead is small and we get answers to problems quickly.

Daniel B

Lead Software Engineer at Core-Logix

The color-coded dashboard provides our techs with at-a-glance status of over 120 SQL servers and the drill downs allow technicians to save time by giving them exactly the information they need to solve any issues that may come up.

Darren M

CTO at Blue Link Associates Limited

The problem is...

It's all too much

It's all too much

Enterprise monitoring can be expensive, complex, not retain enough history and take too much time to deploy and maintain.

What if you could...

Our health check makes it easy to know what to tackle first

Make it cheaper and easier

What if you could have a solution capable of monitoring your on premise and cloud workloads and carrying months of performance data?

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The problem is...


Too many alarms and too little insight

When your servers fail or slow down, every second counts. Most monitoring systems only tell you when a metric has breached a threshold.

What if you could...


Start solving issues in seconds

What if your performance monitoring did more than just tell you there is a problem and it actually started the diagnostics process for you?

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The problem is...


The same issue occurs over and over again?

There's no easier way to lose credibility than to declare an issue resolved, only to see it re-occur again. Most solutions focus on the symptom.

What if you could...

Workload Analyzer

Go beyond the symptom to find the cure?

What if you had multiple out-of-the-box diagnostic workflows, to allow you to interpret your environment from multiple perspectives to get right to the root cause?

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Spotlight Cloud Professional


What if you could achieve high-performing, low cost, and more reliable Microsoft database workloads on premise and in the cloud?
Sold by annual subscription and hosted in the cloud, you can now leverage the most powerful performance analytics solution at a lower cost.

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Spotlight Tuning Pack Professional


What if you could reduce the amount of time you spend writing and tuning SQL statements in SSMS?
By reducing the complexity of navigating query plans with automated plan analysis and AI driven SQL tuning, you can save significant time and money.

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Subscription Pricing

Spotlight Cloud Professional

Get monitoring as a service for less than $5 per day.

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Spotlight Tuning Pack Professional

This tool gives you the ability to tune your execution plans and SQL within SSMS for less than 50 cents per day.

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Spotlight Cloud Professional


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Summary of Inclusions
  • 24x7 Operational Monitoring
  • More than 200 SQL Server alarm types
  • Multi-dimensional workload analysis
  • Drill down to identify the root cause of alarms
  • Blocking analysis
  • Smart Alarms with background & suggestions
  • Up to 12 months of historical data 


Spotlight Tuning Pack Professional


Billed Annually

Get Spotlight Tuning Pack
Summary of Inclusions
  • Automated SQL Optimization
  • SQL re-written multiple times to identify most efficient SQL
  • Plan Analysis and recommendations for adding indexes
  • Script for adding indexes included
  • Compare existing and optimized plans
  • Compare existing and optimized SQL
  • View statistics of optimized SQL 


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