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Detect and diagnose SQL Server performance issues

Understand your SQL Server infrastructure health at a glance by monitoring SQL Server's relational engine, Analysis Services, Windows, VMware ESX and SQL Azure with Spotlight.

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Resolve issues proactively, before they impact the business

Analyze performance data automatically to resolve issues quickly, including long-running processes, blocking locks, deadlocking and more. Quickly identify servers where performance degradation originates and isolate the root cause of a performance issue to expedite issue resolution.

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Spotlight Cloud Tuning Pack

Automated query tuning from inside SQL Server Management Studio

We’ll analyze your SQL right within SQL Server Management Studio. The analysis will indicate whether the Query Plan can be tuned to improve performance, or whether the SQL Statement can be rewritten to optimize its efficiency.

If it can be rewritten, simply click the "Optimize" button and our rewrite engine will create a number of variations of the SQL and present the top results.

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Want a health check for your environment?

Upload performance data to Spotlight and you’ll have access to a cloud-based set of Spotlight productivity tools to gain insight into the health of your SQL Server environment.

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Get Spotlight mobile on your favorite device?

You can now monitor all your SQL Server Connections on your mobile device! Monitoring features include a Heatmap, an Alarms List, Alarm Details and the ability to Snooze, or Acknowledge alarms.

Spotlight for mobile devices is a feature available at no additional cost to users of Spotlight Enterprise and Spotlight on Oracle.

Try Spotlight now and start real time monitoring on your mobile device.

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Ensure around the clock SQL Server performance and availability

Spotlight Enterprise delivers simplicity without compromise by providing unmatched monitoring, diagnostics, and optimization of your SQL Server environments.

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Monitor your SQL Server environment anytime, anywhere from your favorite mobile device.

Spotlight Enterprise users can view a Heatmap of SQL Server performance and manage alarms across all instances as well as drill into a detailed view of a specific SQL Server from a mobile device.

Spotlight Extensions
Tuning Pack

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Automated query tuning from inside SQL Server Management Studio

Navigate complex query plans, view plan analysis and even tune your SQL from with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

Install Spotlight Extensions now to access Spotlight Cloud Tuning Pack inside SQL Server Management Studio.