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Documentation for Spotlight Products

Spotlight Cloud

View documentation for Spotlight Cloud

Watch these short videos to get started


sign-up-thumbSign up
Watch this quick video on how to sign up for Spotlight Cloud.

Download & InstallDownload & Install
Watch this 2 minute video to to walk through installation.

create-connection-thumbConnecting your SQL Server
We'll show you how to add a SQL Server Connection in 3 minutes.

config-overview-thumbConfiguration Overview
We'll give you a quick guide to the key configuration options for Spotlight Cloud.

Spotlight Tuning Pack

View documentation for Spotlight Tuning Pack

Watch a short video to get started


install-thumbInstall Spotlight Tuning Pack
Learn how to install Spotlight Tuning Pack for SQL Server Management Studio

Plan-viewerSpotlight Plan Viewer
The plan viewer makes the navigation and interpretation of complex query plans easy.

Plan-advisor-thumbPlan Advisor
See how it examines execution plans and provides advice on optimizing these plans.

sql-optimizer-thumbSQL Optimization
We'll show you how our AI engine rewrites your SQL to reduce execution time.