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Easy, Affordable Monitoring

Spotlight Cloud is a SaaS solution. This means you can eliminate the expense of a performance monitoring database and simplify deployment to a few easy steps.

It’s easy to get started solving performance issues in just a few minutes.

Leverage the power of cloud compute to store detailed performance data for longer history with deeper analytics.
Lower cost of ownership, simple deployment, and very little maintenance puts the ultimate database performance tuning capability into the hands of organizations of any size.

The No Software Advantage

As Spotlight Cloud is hosted in the cloud, software updates and maintenance are a thing of the past. Each time you login to Spotlight Cloud, you’ll be utilizing the latest version of the product.


Low Cost Of Ownership

The installation requirement is an agentless data collection service. Without the need for an expensive database required to store performance data, the total cost of ownership of Spotlight Cloud is significantly lower than traditional on-premise performance monitoring products.

A subscription pricing model eliminates big up-front license costs and allows you and your organization to build monitoring coverage at a pace that suits your budget.

Watch this video to learn more about the Spotlight Cloud Diagnostic Server and how it is installed.

Low Cost Of Maintenance

One of the benefits of a SaaS solution is that it is managed for you. With Spotlight Cloud, you don’t need to:
  • Worry about how much storage you need to house your performance history.
  • Remember to update your monitoring environment.
  • Plan a high availability to make sure your monitoring is always available.

All of this is taken care of for you.

All you need to worry about is how fast you can make your database go!