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SQL Optimization

Slow running SQL Queries can be a real problem for SQL Server performance. Once a SQL Statement has been identified as causing performance issues the next step is to optimize it in SQL Server Management Studio. However it can be extremely time consuming to improve it manually.

To make it quicker and easier Spotlight Tuning Pack enables you to select a query that you want to optimize, and then automatically have it rewritten until a version is created that executes faster than the original.

The Spotlight Tuning Pack SQL Optimization Engine uses artificial intelligence to create multiple alternative versions of your SQL statement until it finds a version, or versions that will execute faster than the original.

SQL Optimization Made Easy

Easily find the most efficient query plan for your SQL statement. The SQL Optimizer will take your query and automatically re-write it, using different syntax, forcing different indexes or applying hints, it will generate new query plans which are then tested and then presented in the most efficient order. You can then compare the SQL syntax and the different query plans and review the different statistics to learn and apply the new syntax to your applications or procedures.

Reduce the execution time of your procedures or reports, but also potentially improve the performance of your SQL instance by reducing the workload of your most inefficient queries. Optimize the SQL without creating new indexes, maintaining the performance of your existing DML queries.

Watch this short video to learn more about SQL Optimization.