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Spotlight Tuning Pack

Tune your SQL right within SSMS

Execution Plan

Spotlight Tuning Pack provides powerful SQL optimization and query plan analysis within SQL Server Management Studio.

Why Spotlight Tuning Pack?


Plan Analysis

Our Artificial Intelligence engine will analyze your execution plan and determine how to change it so SQL Server executes the operations more efficiently.


Execution Plan Visualization

We've improved the execution plan visualization so it's easier to understand and faster to locate the operations that are slowing down the execution of your SQL.

Optimize SQL

Automated SQL Optimization

We'll analyze your SQL and then automatically rewrite it until we find the variation that creates the most improvement in the execution time of the SQL.


Compare optimized and original SQL

We highlight changes in the SQL statement so you can compare the original statement with the optimized version before applying any changes.


Compare the execution plans

Once you've optimized your SQL we show you the original plan and the optimized plan so you can compare them and see what's changed.



So you can see exactly why the optimized SQL statement is executing faster than the original we provide detailed statistics to give you the full picture.