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Tune your SQL right within SSMS

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Powerful SQL optimization and query plan analysis

We’ll analyze your SQL right within SQL Server Management Studio.

The analysis will indicate whether the Query Plan can be tuned to improve performance, or whether the SQL Statement can be rewritten to optimize its efficiency.

If the SQL is a candidate for optimization you simply click the "Optimize" button and our rewrite engine creates a number of variations of the SQL. From these variations we then select the SQL that improves execution time the most and display the results for you to review.



SQL Optimization Video

Watch a demonstration of how to optimize your SQL

This video shows you how easy it is to optimize your SQL within SQL Server Management Studio using Spotlight Tuning Pack Professional.

We demonstrate how the tool analyzes your SQL statements, and then automatically rewrites them over and over again until it finds a variation that creates the most improvement in the execution time of the SQL.




Plan Visualization

Compare the optimized execution plan with the original

When viewing a SQL statement that has been optimized, with a single click on the plan tab you can compare the original execution plan with the optimized one. This enables you to see the changes that the rewrite has introduced to the plan.


Compare original and optimized plans